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tv   ABC2 News Saturday  ABC  July 4, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news. former baltimore ravens steve mcnair is dead, killed in tennessee. abc 2 sports rob carlin joins us with the story. rob. >> reporter: the news is absolutely stunning, former ravens and titans quarterback steve mcnair was found dead, a fatal gunshot to the head. mcnair played 13 years in the nfl, the first 11 of course with the titans. he was a three-time pro bowler and lead co-mvp in 2003. we all remember he led the ravens in 2006, before his body broke down in '07. mcnair's body was found in an apartment in downtown nashville
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today, along with an unidentified woman. he is married with three children, one from a previous relationship. he was regarded as a local hero in nashville. details are very sketchy but earlier today police information officer don aaron spoke to the media. >> at this point we don't know the circumstances of the shooting deaths. the investigation will be conducted by the police departments centralized homicide unit. those detectives have assembled here at the scene and the condominium has to be professed. there's a lot of work to be done. it will take many hours to process the scene. i don't have any answers for you now as to what happened, who is responsible, what the circumstances are. >> coming up late netter show we'll hear from ravens receiver derek mason, who spoke to espn today. he played for 10 years with mcnair. steve mcnair dead at age just 36. rob carlin, abc 2 sports. to a developing story
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involving a five-year-old girl who was shot in the head in southwest baltimore. police say they have a suspect in custody. the little girl was caught in the crossfire of a neighborhood fight just two days ago. cheryl conner joins us live from police headquarters with more. cheryl. >> reporter: that suspect is 17- year-old lamont davis. police arrested him this morning in the lakeland section of the city. commissioner fred bealefield called the teen a maniac. davis is accused of using a semi-automatic handgun to end a fight with another 17-year-old in the 300 block of south pulaski street. as that boy fled, one of bullets hit the little girl in the head. she was sent to shock trauma in critical condition and placed on life support. her tiny sandals were left behind. in the past 48 hours detectives have gone door to door interviewing witnesses. they also relied on footage from closed circuit kell vision cameras in the area. bealefield was angry this
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afternoon saying the case hardens his resolve to focus on bad guys with guns in the city. >> people being dumb, two young men being insanely stupid, it wasn't because of a five-year- old girl was aspiring to be a gang member. this really comes down to criminals, to thugs, to maniacs on the street -- on our streets with little to no present al supervision. or meaningful adult contact in their lives. >> the mayor released this statement just moments ago, saying this incident is a stark reminder we must remain vigilant in our effort to get illegal guns and those who use them off the street. lamont davis will be charged as an adult. he faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and assault. we asked the commissioner for an update on the five-year-old girl. he said at this time the family
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hopes to keep that information private. sheryl kahner, abc 2 news. the weather certainly held out for the celebrations outside for the 4th of july. we had sunny skies this morning but now starting to cloud up towards the afternoon and evening. we have a cold front that will be pushing into the area overnight tonight and we're already seeing a few of those light showers on the back edge of the screen there. looking outside live from park little school you can see the clouds building up. 80 degrees right now, winds gusting up to 18 miles an hour. it will be a breezy evening and overnight tonight we'll see that shower and thunderstorm activity. by tomorrow more wet weather in the forecast. more coming up in just a bit. it's been more than a week since michael jackson died and tonight fans can make plans for attending a memorial service if they can get a ticket. as many as 750,000 fans are expected to come to los angeles for the memorial service on
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tuesday. lindsey davis has the details. >> reporter: millions want a ticket. 17,500 fans will get one. >> took me 20 minutes because it kept -- saying, served unavailable. every time you would hit. >> little more than a week ago michael jackson was rehearsing his smooth signature moves in the staples center. now fans are scrambling to get into the same arena for his memorial service. >> kind of frustrating but i'll have faith. >> the venue only holds 20,000. but according to aeg, the promotedder for the concert, the staples website already had 500 million hits within hours of the announcement. that's 120,000 hits a second. >> you might want to consider watching this from the comfort of your own home. >> we're also learning more about the contents of the bags investigators carried out of his home. abc news has learned diprivan
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was among the drugs seized by police. >> as you gradually give give to patients they become less and less awake and eventually stop breathing if you give too much. >> sources found a laundry list of medications inside his rented home, and now the investigation takes yet another turn to determine how he got them. >> we keep electronic record of every prescription by the name of the doctor, the name of the farm sift, the name of the patient, the name of the drug. >> organizers expect a security for the memorial service will cost 2.5 million, quite hefty especially for a city with a $500 million deficit. famed television pitchman billy mays has been laid to rest. he was buried yesterday in his hometown outside pittsburgh, pennsylvania. morers wore stickers, his pallbearers wore blue shirts like the one he was always seen wearing. he died last weekend in his tampa home. officials say he suffered a
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heart attack. sarah palin got a head start on the 4th of july with some political fireworks of her own. in a surprise move conference from her home yesterday, she said she will not seek a second term as governor. she also announced plans to resign on july 26th, transferring power to alaska's lieutenant governor. palin offered no reason for her decision and did not answer any questions. >> and i really don't want to disappoint anyone with this announcement, not with the decision that i have made. all i can ask is that you trust me with this decision and know it is no more politics as usual. >> in the past palin has hint at a 2012 presidential bid, but yesterday did not mention her future plans. tough economic times are hurting some 4th of july celebrations for many communities across the country. some people are getting away from independence day celebrations because of the poor economy. scaled back 4th of july events are happening in parts of new jersey, delaware, and
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pennsylvania. in philadelphia, one 94-year- old neighborhood celebration moved inside a recreation center, which means no parade, no fireworks. >> sad that they're not going to have any fireworks this year. >> it's upsetting. >> the fireworks are really -- good. >> in years past the police department donated officers for neighborhood security. this year they can't afford it and the neighborhood doesn't have the $15,000 needed to cover police costs. an abc 2 is working to help you through these tough economic times. here's what you'll find on our survival good today. if you're thinking about a 40- year mortgage we have the pros and the cons of stretching out your home loan, plus a dozen ways to save money on meat. you'll find all that and more on our website, just go to and click on the financial survival guide. still ahead, we'll continue to follow that breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. steve mcnair shot and killed. we'll have more. also coming up, you can have
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your chips and dip but a national organization wants to you stay away from hot dogs. why some say they could be deadly. and we want to make sure you're safe as you grill out tonight. find out how to improve safety and taste all at the same time! >> all-important forecast, i guarantee a high today of 84 degrees. that's what we hit this afternoon! five days in a row we have hit that two derek guarantee and we do have a winner today. valerie wright of baltimore. i'll have a look at tomorrow's forecast which may not be as good, but coming up in just a bit.
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it was a beautiful day as many people headed to the african-american heritage festival in downtown baltimore today. everyone enjoyed some good food and lots of entertainment!
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chug, tina marie and anita baker, just some. performers there to dazzle fans this weekend and the festival runs through sunday. a gorgeous weather for that festival today. i'm so excited! i get to introduce anita baker, a headliner tomorrow. >> awesome! >> i love her music! i can't wait to meet her. so we're excited. >> what an honor! tomorrow is not quite the day we had today. a few of us will see showers, some will stay dry. so definitely not going to be the sunny gorgeous day we had today. it was very nice out there. we're seeing some signs of things turning bad. you can see we're starting to cloud up down there, not seeing any showers yet. those will come later tonight and early tomorrow morning. our temperatures have been back up to normal today.
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wind at 9 miles harr hour. storm center weather net brings us to the ridge where you can see just fair weather cumulus with a gorgeous start to the day but towards evening hours we started to see the clouds build up. we do have a low-pressure system moving in and that means we will be cloudy overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. 76 right now at summit ridge, with low temperature this morning of 61 degrees. maryland's most powerful radar is not showing us anything right now. clear conditions as far as rain is concerned. that rain will come overnight tonight, late tonight, and tomorrow morning. so i think we'll be good for the fireworks tonight, fireworks will get off without a hitch and during the early morning hours we'll see the rainshowers and they'll be impacting mostly southern maryland so the further north you live the less likely you'll see showers in the next 24 hours. today we did reach a high of 84 degrees. that was the afternoon high. right on that 2-degree guarantee and below where we normally sit this time of year.
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right now 82 degrees is where we're sitting. we're seeing cooler air already invade in the west. 61 is the current temperature in oakland. so cooler weather back behind the cold front. it will push through tomorrow. we'll have that low pressure pushing just south of the region. we'll stay cloudy so temperatures will stay in the mid-70s during the afternoon hours. not as warm as today and definitely not as sunny as today as well. we started off with plenty of sunshine. clouds really started to build up towards the afternoon. now we're looking at thin layer every clouds on top of us, they will continue to build overnight tonight and tomorrow with that low pressure moving just to the south of us. it's already causing a lot of rain back to the west. you can see it and this is the direction it's going to be. it's going to push south of the area so many folks in southern maryland will see heavy rain tomorrow but more likely just some clouds to the north so if you live in southern pennsylvania, you may stay dry tomorrow. further south, the more likely
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you'll see that shower activity. and the wet weather that will continue through sunday night. so overnight tonight, we'll see continued cloudiness, with showers by early tomorrow morning. and stick with us through the day tomorrow. then by tomorrow evening and monday morning, we'll clear out and have very nice pleasant conditions monday, and those will continue throughout much of the week. 60 degrees overnight tonight. some morning showers pop up and those will continue through the afternoon. two degree guaranteed high of 76 degrees. so cooler than today. we'll have a slight chance of shower activity on tuesday with thunderstorms and then we'll clear out towards the rest of the week so most of the week looking dry with temperatures returning to normal and then above average by friday and saturday. sherry. back to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the show. former baltimore ravens steve mcnair has died. let's check in with rob carlin for more details.
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force [not understandable] [not understandable] going 13-3 before losing in the first round of the playoffs. mcnair's body was found in the downtown nashville apartment along with an unidentified woman. police are not saying anything other than they are investigating. derek mason who played 10 years with mcnair in both cities spoke to espn earlier today. he says he'll remember a guy who was always smiling. >> that was family. and we built a close bond throughout the 10 years we played together. that not too many people can build.
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so you know, it is still shocking to me. >> the team's owner said -- >> steve mcnair is dead at the age of 36. rob carlin, abc 2 sports. during this 4th of july weekend, a group of researchers is warning you to stay away from hot dogs. find out why they believe the traditional holiday food can increase your risk of cancer.
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to your health tonight a group of researchers warned people to stay away from hot dogs this holiday weekend. the researchers are from the cancer project in st. louis, according to their studies processed meats like hot dogs have an increased rick for certain cancers. but some doctors say some those claims are exaggerated.
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they say you can still eat those meats in moderation, without a dramatic increase in your own risk for cancer. and don't forget the african-american heritage festival is offering free prostate cancer screenings this weekend. they are from men from 45 to 70 years old. it involves two tests that can be completed in about 10 minutes. the screening will be held from noon to 5 tomorrow. abc 2 is a proud sponsor of the festival. to your health tonight, grilling is a 4th of july tradition for many families. and tonight's health minute, melissa tells us how to safe while grilling tasty food. >> reporter: the 4th of july is a time for celebration. and for firing up the grill. according to georgia state university nutritionist there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your celebration from sizzling out. start with two cutting boards to keep meat and veggies separate, and watch how the food is handled. don't put your raw chicken on a
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plate, put it back on the plate because you can cross- contaminate the meat. >> she suggests pre-cooking the meat and finishing it off on the grill. >> that way you don't center it on the guerillas long. >> that can help prevent cancer causing compounds from forming. grill with a meat thermometer as it's not accurate to use color or taste as signs it's done. when it's time to clean. >> up there's a two-hour rule. that rule changes to one hour when it's greater than 90 degrees some when it's really hot and humid, get that food in the fridge when uncooked or cooked within one hour. >> she recommends cleaning the grill with hot soapy water for next time. during the summer one of most popular sports is the swim team. what other team can have brothers and sisters, first graders and 10th graders competing together? rick white visits one team the spring lake piranhas.
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>> reporter: the spring lake piranhas are like many other swim teams, unique. what other sport can you have 6- year-olds and 16-year-olds on the same team? all working for the same goal, to have fun and win meat and not exactly in that order. the coach is in charge of making this happen. >> i just love working with kids. >> i teach middle school so i'm around them all year long. i've been doing it since i was 13 or 14, so i'm really comfortable with coaching and working on folks and being around kids and parents and it's just great fun. >> practice for swim team is like the potatoes, the french fries. but, there's nothing like the meat!
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>> i've been on something since i was 5, on this team. so i've grown up on this team and those were the moments where i felt like most happy when my coach came up to me and heard my family sharing on the side some even if somebody doesn't have that like i like to be there for all of my swimmers, every one of them i want to know by name and know what they're swimming and encourage them and support them as much as i can. because that's what i think is most important about it. >> we really do have more fun than anyone else, at least looks like we're having more fun! >> the thing about this team is everybody looks out for each other. the older kids nourish the younger ones, while the little ones give the big ones a helping hand. this team is about fun, this team is about encouragement, this team is about spirit. they say blood is thicker than water. but at spring lake, it's pretty
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close. >> what a nice story! and you're looking at a live picture of downtown baltimore from our harbor cam. there's still more to come. stay with us! fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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if you're looking to find one closest to you, let abc 2 news help you! we've created a complete list of where you can watch fireworks and we've even broken it down by county. head to and click on number 7 in our slide show. the forecast will hold out for the fireworks tonight. we should see dry weather, more cloudy than it has been but the showers should hold off until tomorrow morning, late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and then by monday we will dry out once again with a high of 82. a slight chance of thunderstorms on tuesday. but the rest of the week looking dry, we'll warm up to the upper 80s by next week. >> all right. sounds good! that's all for us at 6:30. more on the breaking news concerning steve mcnair at 11. right now we leave you with the sights and sounds of the annual 4th of july parade! oh, what's this?
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